(A note from Julie Timmons)

Welcome to our world! The unique beauty of California’s far North Coast is at once peaceful and exciting. Where else in the world can you watch a 40-foot whale from  the Klamath River Bridge, then go home to find a deer in the front yard? You don’t need religion to feel blessed.

ooh ooh ooh lookin out my back door

We are a micro-enterprise, working from home in sight of the redwood forests. I’m fourth-generation Humboldt, and attended Eureka High and HSU before graduating from UC Davis with honors degrees in English and History. I was a field agent and hearing officer for the National Labor Relations Board, and worked in labor relations and project management at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. Back on the Redwood Coast, I managed the community employment program at Redwoods United, then worked at the California State Department of Rehabilitation, from which I retired in 1999.

All these jobs involved writing, and all along writing and publishing was what attracted me. When I was eight, I produced a newspaper (The K Street Journal, circulation: 5) on my grandmother’s old Underwood. I wrote for trade magazines including American Brewer and was a columnist for the North Coast Journal when it was a monthly.  In all these positions, the common threads were:  integrity, fairness and the ability to express my own or others’ thoughts.

With modern technology, it’s entirely possible to live as harried and stressful a lifestyle on the beautiful North Coast as do the cubicle slaves of Silicon Valley. I choose not to. I believe that old-fashioned service, efficiency and value never go out of style. We are a local enterprise and we look forward to meeting you.

But DON’T look for us on Facebook! We won’t be there.


RECENT PROJECTS: Publicist and Advertising manager for Humboldt Plan It Green 2011, publicist for Humboldt Internet Marketing group, publicist for Prosperity 2012 Revitalize Humboldt Bay Harbor Action Team, events promotion for Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee etc.